First Update – Angiogram and Angioplasty.

Tuesday, 10th of December 2014.

About three days after going through angioplasty (Click here for the full story), I am feeling fine. A little bit of rashes, suspected due to allergy. Could not trace or identify the cause. Taking medicine for itchiness due to the rashes. Looks like it is subsiding.

Alhamdulillah, so far, so good. I have been resting a lot. Making sure that there is no adverse effect on the artery that the stent was introduced.

As I was lucky, that the procedure was successfully done through the veins in my right arm, I was advised to rest it from doing any heavy work for at least 7 days. Below is the picture of the cut (puncture) made into the vein of my right arm. (Circled red). It is healing very nicely.

Recuperating HandI hope to fully recover by next week.

Again, thank you all for your prayers.



Pertanyaan, pandangan atau komen dialu-alukan. Terima kasih.

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